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Welcome to the podcast ‘Life & Smile’ where we talk about everything dental, lifestyle, business and much more. In every episode Dr Reena is joined in conversation with a specialist expert in their chosen field, who give us a behind the scenes glimpse into their daily regime, career turning points and an insider look at what they can’t live without.

S2, Ep9 – In conversation with Lydia Slater

As Editor-in-Chief for Harper’s Bazaar UK, Lydia Slater is renowned for her work across the global publishing industry and has been involved with an incredibly impressive portfolio of titles throughout her career to date. 

S3, Ep1 – In conversation with Honour Wainwright

Building a brand and building a business is right at the centre of daily life for Dr Reena founding RW Perio on Harley Street. She wanted to explore this further during this new season three to see how entrepreneurs and experts in their industry make it work and what their daily life really looks like. 

S3, Ep2 – In conversation with Fiona Golfar

As a renowned journalist and former Vogue editor, Fiona Golfar is highly celebrated for her work across the media industry, often writing from a personal and lifestyle approach.

S3, Ep3 – In conversation with Whitney Bromberg-Hawkings

With Vogue describing her as ‘Fashion’s Chicest Florist’, FLOWERBX Founder and CEO Whitney Bromberg-Hawkings is a renowned figure of authority and inspiration across the luxury industry.

S3, Ep4 – In conversation with Peony Lim

In this episode of Life & Smile Dr Reena particularly wanted to focus on the idea of a ‘lifestyle approach’ and it has been so inspiring to hear the often-contrasting day to day routines of how leaders across multiple industries make it work on a day-to-day basis.  

S3, Ep5 – In conversation with Nina Wadia OBE

On this very special episode of Life & Smile Dr Reena is joined by a true household name whose voice on this podcast will no doubt be instantly recognisable having built her career across film, television, stage and radio. 

S3, Ep6 – In conversation with Dr Wassim J Taktouk

Amongst our guests on Life & Smile Dr Reena is always personally so inspired by the contrasting industries that she can explore and delve deeper into through these exclusive conversations in each episode. Often image, personal branding and self-confidence play major roles across each industry.

S3, Ep7 – In conversation with Dr Carrie Grant MBE

In this episode Dr Reena is joined by a true household name that surely needs no introduction. As one of the UK’s best known pop vocal coaches, Dr Carrie Grant MBE is a BAFTA award-winning broadcaster, vocal coach, leadership coach and campaigner.

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