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A bespoke pioneering treatment journey with a minimally invasive approach.

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The RW Perio Regenerative is designed to promote healing by fusing the latest advanced periodontal methods with successful evidence-led results. 

Using highly purified biologically enhancing and regenerative materials, this is a tailor-made plan focused on regenerating lost bone. The aim is to ensure the strongest internal foundations to build and maintain the smile. 

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periodontist london

This can include both non-surgical or minimally invasive surgical options where regenerative materials are applied to stimulate bone growth, accelerate healing and provide long-term results.

If non-surgical: Most patients continue with their day immediately after. the mouth will be numb for up to 2 hours post-treatment, however you will look and sound normal due to the advanced anaesthetic we use. We recommend avoiding food and drink directly after treatment for 1-2 hours. Pain will be mild for up to a few days and can be effectively managed by over-the-counter painkillers if needed.

If surgical: On the day of the surgery, you should be fine to travel home as you came, however, cycling will need to be avoided. You do not need to bring anyone with you. It’s important to make sure you go straight home and relax for the rest of the day. You may need painkillers for a few days to a week and we recommend stocking up on soft smooth foods. Please avoid all sports or physical effort for ideally a week following the surgery. Your bespoke instructions will be clearly communicated to you in advance.

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