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The RW Perio Focused is designed for milder cases of periodontal (gum) disease following on from the RW Perio Specialist Assessment and as the second stage to the RW Perio Complete if required for severe cases.

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periodontist london
periodontist london

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This plan focuses on treating bespoke targeted areas as needed, ensuring your gums are left pink and healthy, eliminating bad taste and enabling your teeth to remain in the desired position.

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periodontist london

This treatment is led by both the RW Perio Gum Specialist and the Advanced Hygienist as required, always to Specialist Prescription. The number of appointments will be based on your unique case and response to treatment.

Most patients continue with their day immediately after. The mouth will be numb for up to 2 hours post-treatment, however you will look and sound normal due to the advanced anaesthetic we use.

We recommend avoiding food and drink directly after treatment for 1-2 hours. Pain will be mild for up to a few days and can be effectively managed by over-the-counter painkillers if needed. 95% of our patients do not take painkillers.

45-60 minutes

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