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Specialist Assessment

The RW Perio Specialist Assessment is the vital first appointment you will have with us which is led by one of the RW Perio Gum Specialists to ensure we can design your healthiest smile.

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Specialist Assessment

The appointment will include a detailed specialist periodontal chart. The periodontal chart involves measuring the position of the gums and determining whether or not spaces (pockets) have opened up between the gums and the teeth. The amount of bleeding, gum recession and tooth mobility will also be assessed. This is the most important part of the examination as it determines the severity and extent of the periodontal condition. 

If your focus is on Gum Aesthetics then additional measurements will be taken specific to this. Further dental measurements or tests may also be completed depending on your condition and reason for attending, such as focusing on issues with implants. 

Payment taken in advance at point of booking.


X-rays and photographs are taken as needed. X-rays allow the bone level and dental anatomy to be assessed, which is not possible through general clinical examination. The bone levels are important from a diagnostic and treatment planning perspective.

We also include The Diabetes Check directly in-clinic to all our patients during this appointment (optional) due to the links between gum disease and diabetes.

The findings will be discussed with you in full detail during the latter part of the appointment where your treatment plan will be confirmed. You will also receive a digital report within 24 hours of your Specialist Assessment. If you have been referred to us we will also send a digital report to your referrer.

No downtime, you can continue with your day straight after.

45-60 minutes

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