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Gum Veneer

The RW Perio Gum Veneer is a minimally invasive non-surgical approach to cover signs of gum recession with no downtime.

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Gum Veneer

Completely removable and fitting in a similar style to that of a retainer, The RW Perio Gum Veneer is a fully bespoke silicone prosthesis that instantly creates the most aesthetically pleasing smile whilst additionally supporting your periodontal health. 

Using the latest technology, this customisable approach avoids extensive restorative treatment and is particularly suggested when there is a prominent difference in the gum margins, advanced tissue loss or noticeable black triangles. 

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This can include both non-surgical or minimally invasive surgical options where regenerative materials are applied to stimulate bone growth, accelerate healing and provide long-term results.

No downtime, you can continue with your day straight after.

3 x 30 minutes

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