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A gum lift is one of the most requested aesthetic treatments and one of the most rewarding with results visible immediately.

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periodontist london

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This is a simple procedure that instantly restores confidence and can have a positive long-term impact on the entire facial aesthetics. It is also referred to as ‘crown lengthening’ or ‘gum sculpting’. The RW Perio Restorative package restores and redesigns the smile in a bespoke plan tailored for your unique case following on from The RW Perio Specialist Assessment. 

The procedure removes gum and bone tissues, exposing more of the tooth. This is the ideal and sought-after cosmetic procedure option for patients with a ‘gummy smile,’ which means you have too much gum tissue around your teeth. Specialist equipment and techniques are used over a standard laser approach to ensure proven results. The treatment length depends on how many teeth are affected and the amount of gum and bone around your teeth. During your appointment, local anaesthetic is applied to the area to ensure you remain fully comfortable. Sometimes only gum is removed but usually both gum and bone require reshaping.

Price dependant on number of teeth and complexity.

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periodontist london

The procedure is fast and effective with patients requiring minimal over-the-counter painkillers, and they can usually return to work the next day. To facilitate the healing process be prepared to avoid strenuous activities and stick to soft foods that will not irritate the fresh wound on the days immediately following the procedure. The surgery is minimally invasive, and the surgical site will be extremely discreet so you will be able to continue with your normal day-to-day schedule as normal the day after. Full healing can take up to 3 months and a personalised aftercare plan will be tailored specifically for your case.

We recommend taking the day of the surgery off. The mouth will be numb for up to 2 hours post-treatment, however you will look and sound normal due to the advanced anaesthetic we use.

Soft foods will be required for up to 5 days and over-the-counter painkillers may be taken for a few days as needed. Your bespoke instructions will be clearly communicated to you in advance.

60-120 minutes

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