S2, Ep9 - In conversation with Lydia Slater - RW Perio

S2, Ep9 – In conversation with Lydia Slater

1 December 2022

As Editor-in-Chief for Harper’s Bazaar UK, Lydia Slater is renowned for her work across the global publishing industry and has been involved with an incredibly impressive portfolio of titles throughout her career to date. 

Dr Reena invites Lydia back to Harley Street to discuss her career journey across the dramatically changing landscape of magazines, luxury, and media, where her EIC role ensures unique access and full involvement across multiple channels. Giving us a behind the scenes insight into how she makes it work, listen in full to learn how Lydia is responsible for generating and editing content across print, digital, supplements in addition to the experiential offering. 

Recognised across the industry for championing the careers trajectories of women, Dr Reena takes this episode back to the beginning, asking how it all began, any advice Lydia would give to those just starting out, and of course those investment items that she couldn’t live without. 

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