S3, Ep6 – In conversation with Dr Wassim J Taktouk

31 March 2023

Amongst our guests on Life & Smile Dr Reena is always personally so inspired by the contrasting industries that she can explore and delve deeper into through these exclusive conversations in each episode. Often image, personal branding and self-confidence play major roles across each industry. 

For Dr Reena as a dental expert, gum aesthetics are at the forefront of the specialist dental industry and therefore in this episode of Life & Smile the topic of aesthetics is brought into the spotlight. 

In this exclusive episode Dr Reena is joined in discussion with one of the most recognisable names within the industry. As a renowned Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Wassim J Taktouk is the industry go-to, highly celebrated and passionate about maintaining incredibly natural results. We give you exclusive access behind the scenes of how he makes it work so effortlessly on a day-to-day basis. 

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