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Welcome to the podcast ‘Life & Smile’ where we talk about everything dental, lifestyle, business and much more. In every episode Dr Reena is joined in conversation with a specialist expert in their chosen field, who give us a behind the scenes glimpse into their daily regime, career turning points and an insider look at what they can’t live without.

S3, Ep8 – In conversationwith Lauren Murdoch-Smith

In this episode Dr Reena is joined by a true household name that surely needs no introduction. As one of the UK’s best known pop vocal coaches, Dr Carrie Grant MBE is a BAFTA award-winning broadcaster, vocal coach, leadership coach and campaigner.

S3, Ep9 – In conversation with Freya Evison

Building and growing a business and brand as an entrepreneur ensures your role is constantly evolving on a daily basis. Through this podcast, Life & Smile, the conversation has advanced rapidly by bringing together some of the most successful leaders across many and often contrasting industries.

S3, Ep10 – In conversation with Serena Hood

Throughout this season of Life & Smile Dr Reena particularly wanted to focus on the idea of a ‘lifestyle approach’. Not only focusing how leaders within many contrasting industries get to the top of the ladder but also how they continue to make it work once they have got there – thriving on pushing the boundaries and creating their own space to reinvent the dynamics of an everchanging market. 

S3, Ep11 – In conversation with Simon Thomas

As both a dental expert and entrepreneur, Dr Reena is able to see first-hand on a daily basis how the media industry plays an invaluable role in the world of business and one she has been particularly keen on exploring further with an insider insight for our third season of Life & Smile.

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