S2, Ep2 - In conversation with Victoria Woodhall - RW Perio

S2, Ep2 – In conversation with Victoria Woodhall

2 September 2022

Providing you with a true ‘industry insider’ glimpse as Dr Reena is joined for our second episode of season two on Harley Street by Victoria Woodhall. 

Needing no introduction and renowned as an editorial director and journalist, Victoria has built an incredible 360 career across the lifestyle, wellness, health and beauty industry combined. Discussing everything from the ‘consumerism demand for instant access’, to making ‘yoga accessible for everyone’ (as a qualified yoga teacher no less), join the new season conversation and listen in full for a behind the scenes look of a typical day in the life, personal inspirations and of course we get the latest look at the items Victoria can’t be without. 

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