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S2, Ep7 – In conversation with Sejal Sehmi

11 November 2022

As Brown Girl Magazine’s U.K. Editor, Sejal Sehmi is a globally celebrated media insider – self-described as a ‘writer and full-time thinker’. Her passion for writing has ‘stemmed from challenging society defined rules created for women of her generation.’ Dr Reena invites Sejal to Harley Street to discuss topics further in depth and she reveals how her role within the industry has evolved since starting out. 

At time where the 360-degree language of magazines and media has changed dramatically, Life & Smile #thepodcast was created to extend and evolve a new conversation. With the onset of digitalisation and consumerism demand for instant access Sejal Sehmi gives us the exclusive view of how this has helped and changed the way she has spoken up about certain topics to bring them to attention. 

Listen in full now. 

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