S2, Ep1 – In conversation with Annika Purdey

17 August 2022

Welcome to the debut episode of Life & Smile Season Two. As we celebrate the start of our second series, we really want to continue to bring together leaders across multiple industries and hear how they’ve reached this stage in their career, plus of course – how they got there (and crucially, make it work!).  

As many of you know by now, we’re particularly inspired by those who are able to pivot and work across multiple industries combining often varied interests. Life & Smile is a conversation where we can hear about their unique journey and how they have built their success along the way.  

Therefore, who better to represent this and open our second season than Annika Purdey. Annika is of course the Non Executive Director of James Purdey & Sons and she is also a contributing editor of Tatler Magazine. 

With a 360 degree career stemming from the seventh-generation of one of London’s most quintessentially British brands, Annika joins us in our Harley Street studio where we ask how it all began, get the lowdown on her effortless city vs country style, and she gives us the insider look at how people’s perspectives of luxury have changed.

The conversation now continues #lifeandsmilethepodcast

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