S1, Ep8 – In conversation with Rishi Nanavati

27 May 2022

If there’s ever going to be one episode to listen to whilst you’re eating, it’s this one. Introducing Rishi Nanavati – with his catch phrase of ‘sharing with a smile’ and originally a London based dentist by profession, Rishi of course went on to become a Master Chef 2022 quarter finalist.

Rishi joins Dr Reena in conversation on Harley Street to divulge how he created ‘Dish by Rish’ – a platform that started off as a passion project to share his own recipes and creations in a space to spread productivity and enjoyment through food. Discussing how it all began, challenges and failures he has overcome along the way, this episode wouldn’t be complete without Rishi revealing his own ultimate ‘day on a plate’.

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