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Polish & Perfect combines the absolute best of modern dentistry techniques and latest technology to ensure flawless results for the brightest, whitest teeth and healthiest smile.

Designed to instantly enhance your look with an exclusive combination of aesthetically impressive results with the reassurance of achieving optimum gum health. Our exclusive team of hygienists, personally trained by Dr Reena Wadia, will be involved in delivering this treatment. Designed with a personalised at-home programme engineered for effortless and effective at-home maintenance.

  • THE CLASSIC – The signature regime for maintaining premier standards of oral care. Every appointment begins with a bespoke in-depth consultation and exclusive oral health examination. The full mouth is deep cleaned and disinfected using piezo technology followed with advanced polishing Airflow treatment – the superior method for removing stains that traditional scaling and polishing fail to remove. Causing no sensitivity or discomfort, this system uses a combination of flavoured fine powder particles with compressed air and warm water for maximum comfort. Proteins in your teeth are restored – providing impressive results that are immediate, leaving you with cleaner, whiter, brighter teeth, fresh breath and a healthy mouth which naturally supports the maintenance of your overall health.
  • THE MAINTENANCE – This is ideal for those who have completed The Classic and keen on maintaining the benefits of the treatment. We recommend 3 monthly maintenance care.
  • THE WHITENING – RW Perio is transforming the whitening concept with a bespoke programme that ensures optimum aesthetic results. Combining the highest levels of oral health across both the teeth and gums, The Classic is the first step of this programme. At RW Perio we use the Enlighten system to provide optimal home whitening. Enlighten is globally acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It provides guaranteed long-lasting results, ensures low sensitivity and importantly, not harming the tooth surface. The Whitening stage consists of a tailored assessment, taking impressions of the mouth and providing you with preparatory tooth serum. On the next appointment we provide the trays and whitening treatment. The final appointment is a shade and health review where we additionally tailor advice to ensure your results are long-lasting. Each appointment is 2 weeks apart.

*Suitable for vegans


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