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Gum Health Check

Invest in your oral health with a Polish + Perfect appointment with RW Perio whose team of expert hygienists will help you achieve the healthiest smile possible.

ASSESSMENT– An in-depth consultation to establish any specific concerns as well as a detailed oral health examination.

ADVICE– Tailored advice to help you achieve the very best oral health, including information on how best to brush your teeth and gums, cleaning in between your teeth, the best toothpaste for you, the importance of tongue cleaning and discussion on whether you need to use mouthwash.

AIRFLOW -This is an advanced polishing treatment. It aims to remove stains that traditional scaling and polishing may not remove. This system uses a combination of flavoured fine powder particles, compressed air and water. Patients do not experience any sensitivity or discomfort. The results are immediate and leave patients with cleaner teeth and fresher breath! Click here.

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