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Many people have fears or phobias when it comes to visiting the dentist.

The RW Perio team treat many anxious patients and can provide the care and support needed so you can receive the treatment you deserve for a healthy smile.

What are dental phobias?
Dental phobias may cause fear so strong that even the thought of visiting your dentist can cause anxiety.

The best way to handle your dental phobia is to face it directly. Making an appointment to discuss your fears is the best place to start. At RW Perio, we are committed to your dental health and overall well-being and will ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment.

How can my dental professional help keep me calm?
We are experienced in handling nervous patients and can work compassionately to alleviate all your stresses.

We can discuss your treatment in detail before your appointment and will work at a pace comfortable for you.

If you are overly stressed and nervous, we also do offer sedation. This is conscious sedation that results in little memory of the treatment you have received. You will still be awake during the treatment, just very relaxed and unaware of the procedure being performed.

We also use the Wand® for local anaesthetic, which is a less invasive and precise numbing procedure compared with typical dental injections. It is an ideal solution if you have a fear of needles.

If you suffer from dental phobias, contact the RW Perio team today on 020 7112 9036 to discuss how we can address your dental fears together. There’s no need to have nervous patients.

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