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Gum Aesthetics – Specialist Dentistry for a Health-First Smile Design

Gum aesthetics are at the forefront of specialist dentistry and these “tweakments” can dramatically improve the overall smile.

The focus across the wider aesthetic industry has predominantly been on Botox and fillers over the past few years, with more and more media stories covering the side effects of reversing the results due to overactive use.

However, at RW Perio, London’s Leading Gum Specialists with their high-tech clinic located in the heart of Harley Street, the focus has moved to the design and shape of the actual smile, with patients adopting a health-first approach.

The demand for gum aesthetic treatments has a growing waiting list, covering everything from gum lifts/gum sculpting to correction of gum recession. Often, many people are unaware that these treatments are available with minimal disruption to your lifestyle during the procedure, with fast recovery and little downtime afterwards.

‘We specialise in gum aesthetics, which is now at the forefront of specialist dentistry. People were not aware of how we can redesign their smile with minimal downtime’ – Dr Reena

A Fast and Effective Aesthetic Treatment for a “Gummy Smile”

A gum lift is one of the most requested aesthetic treatments (and one of the most rewarding, with results visible immediately) and is also referred to as ‘Crown lengthening’.

The procedure removes gum and bone tissues, exposing more of the tooth. This is the ideal and sought-after cosmetic procedure option for patients with a “gummy smile,” which means you have too much gum tissue around your teeth.

The treatment length depends on how many teeth are affected and the amount of gum and bone around your teeth. During your appointment, a local anaesthetic is applied to the area to ensure you remain fully comfortable. Then the gum tissue will be cut into to expose the tooth roots and bone tissue. Sometimes only gum is removed but usually both gum and bone require reshaping.

The procedure is fast and effective, with patients requiring minimal painkillers (such as paracetamol or ibuprofen) and they can usually return to work the next day. To facilitate the healing process, be prepared to avoid strenuous activities and stick to soft foods that will not irritate the fresh wound on the days immediately following the procedure.

The gum lift may take up to three months to heal completely; however, a personalised aftercare plan will be tailored specifically for your case.

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Gum Recession and How to Prevent It with the RW Perio Preventive Procedure

On closer examination of the ageing process, people often see their smile receding before their eyes. The gum tissue recedes and lowers its position on the tooth, exposing the roots of the teeth, and causing gum recession (as it is clinically known). Plaque, overly aggressive brushing, or trauma from lip/tongue piercings often cause the recession over a period of time.

Your risk of recession increases based on tooth position in the jaw and gum/bone thickness. One of the most requested gum aesthetic procedures on Harley Street is the RW Perio Preventive.

This includes using a small piece of tissue from the palate as a graft to address a deficient area. We would also pull the gum over the root as much as possible. This thickens the gums, helps facilitate oral hygiene, improves aesthetics, and helps prevent further recession.

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