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Welcome to the debut episode of Life & Smile Season Two. As we celebrate the start of our second series, we really want to continue to bring together leaders across multiple industries and hear how they’ve reached this stage in their career, plus of course – how they got there (and crucially, make it work!).  

As many of you know by now, we’re particularly inspired by those who are able to pivot and work across multiple industries combining often varied interests. Life & Smile is a conversation where we can hear about their unique journey and how they have built their success along the way.  

Therefore, who better to represent this and open our second season than Annika Purdey. Annika is of course the Non Executive Director of James Purdey & Sons and she is also a contributing editor of Tatler Magazine. 

With a 360 degree career stemming from the seventh-generation of one of London’s most quintessentially British brands, Annika joins us in our Harley Street studio where we ask how it all began, get the lowdown on her effortless city vs country style, and she gives us the insider look at how people’s perspectives of luxury have changed.

The conversation now continues #lifeandsmilethepodcast

Providing you with a true ‘industry insider’ glimpse as Dr Reena is joined for our second episode of season two on Harley Street by Victoria Woodhall. 

Needing no introduction and renowned as an editorial director and journalist, Victoria has built an incredible 360 career across the lifestyle, wellness, health and beauty industry combined. Discussing everything from the ‘consumerism demand for instant access’, to making ‘yoga accessible for everyone’ (as a qualified yoga teacher no less), join the new season conversation and listen in full for a behind the scenes look of a typical day in the life, personal inspirations and of course we get the latest look at the items Victoria can’t be without. 

Life & Smile The Podcast brings together business, lifestyle, dentistry and much more. In our second season we wanted to explore the business world in-depth with exclusive first-hand accounts of what success means and how key industry figures achieved it from the ground up. 

As an Entrepreneurial Business leader with 20+ years of experience in managing professional services where discretion is key, Alpesh Patel has built his career to an international level of success. 

Renowned for inspiring others, Dr Reena now turns the tables with a unique opportunity to find out what inspires Alpesh himself, with a flashback on his life so far. Celebrated for strategy development and execution, through to attracting and recruiting high profile talent to grow and establish market leading companies, during this conversation on Harley Street we are rewinding back to where it all began. 

On this episode we really wanted to direct the Life & Smile conversation to health, lifestyle, entertainment and what it truly takes to turn this into a successful career. As we move into our favourite season which is of course ‘Strictly Season’ we are so lucky to have brought a very special person back to Harley Street. 

As the first Welsh professional to take part in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing her sheer talent is combined with the warmest and most caring personality – it is of course Amy Dowden. 

Listen now as Amy joins Dr Reena in conversation discussing how it all began, daily routine, and of course those items she can’t live without. 

Famously described as “the most interesting commentator of the new generation” and renowned for often placing an unusual perspective into the commentary box, in this episode of Life & Smile we welcome to 75 Harley Street a household name in broadcasting.  

You will recognise his voice immediately from his role commentating on cricket for the BBC as part of the Test Match Special team and regular updates on 5Live and that’s just the start. Join Dr Reena in conversation with of course Daniel Norcross.  

In the global lifestyle industry Nathalie Schyllert is the name to know. 

Having successfully established her reputation within fashion and health circles combined, as the CEO of international wellness brand Bodyism, Nathalie joins Dr Reena in conversation on Harley Street. 

Having been signed to Models1 since aged 17 and starting out as a former ballerina with the Swedish Royal Ballet, during this highly inspiring episode, Nathalie provides us with an insider insight of how she developed the mindset and drive to achieve the role of CEO and reveals how she effortlessly juggles a fast-paced career with city living and family life. 

As Brown Girl Magazine’s U.K. Editor, Sejal Sehmi is a globally celebrated media insider – self-described as a ‘writer and full-time thinker’. Her passion for writing has ‘stemmed from challenging society defined rules created for women of her generation.’ Dr Reena invites Sejal to Harley Street to discuss topics further in depth and she reveals how her role within the industry has evolved since starting out. 

At time where the 360-degree language of magazines and media has changed dramatically, Life & Smile #thepodcast was created to extend and evolve a new conversation. With the onset of digitalisation and consumerism demand for instant access Sejal Sehmi gives us the exclusive view of how this has helped and changed the way she has spoken up about certain topics to bring them to attention. 

Listen in full now. 

Renowned for her work as Managing Editor & Features Editor at Country Life magazine and appearing on the likes of BBC Breakfast as a voice of true industry authority, Paula Lester joins Dr Reena in conversation to give us the full behind-the-scenes access to her city and country lifestyle combined.

 Discussing how she has personally embraced sustainability, advice to her younger self, and how the media landscape has developed dramatically with the demand for instant news accessibility, Paula ensures this episode provides an insider insight of how dedicated hard work and building strong professional relationships can support you with achieving success

As Editor-in-Chief for Harper’s Bazaar UK, Lydia Slater is renowned for her work across the global publishing industry and has been involved with an incredibly impressive portfolio of titles throughout her career to date. 

Dr Reena invites Lydia back to Harley Street to discuss her career journey across the dramatically changing landscape of magazines, luxury, and media, where her EIC role ensures unique access and full involvement across multiple channels. Giving us a behind the scenes insight into how she makes it work, listen in full to learn how Lydia is responsible for generating and editing content across print, digital, supplements in addition to the experiential offering. 

Recognised across the industry for championing the careers trajectories of women, Dr Reena takes this episode back to the beginning, asking how it all began, any advice Lydia would give to those just starting out, and of course those investment items that she couldn’t live without. 

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