S2, Ep3 – In conversation with Alpesh Patel

7 October 2022

Life & Smile The Podcast brings together business, lifestyle, dentistry and much more. In our second season we wanted to explore the business world in-depth with exclusive first-hand accounts of what success means and how key industry figures achieved it from the ground up. 

As an Entrepreneurial Business leader with 20+ years of experience in managing professional services where discretion is key, Alpesh Patel has built his career to an international level of success. 

Renowned for inspiring others, Dr Reena now turns the tables with a unique opportunity to find out what inspires Alpesh himself, with a flashback on his life so far. Celebrated for strategy development and execution, through to attracting and recruiting high profile talent to grow and establish market leading companies, during this conversation on Harley Street we are rewinding back to where it all began. 

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