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Why all diabetics should have a gum health screen

25th July 2019

In patients with diabetes, poorly managed blood sugar levels can cause damage to nerves, blood vessels, the heart, the kidneys, the eyes and the feet. In the same way, the gums can too be affected and people with diabetes are more at risk of developing advanced gum/periodontal disease. For this reason, if you are diabetic it’s always a good idea to get a gum health screen.

Severe gum disease can also negatively affect your blood sugar control and increase your chances of suffering from other common long-term complications of diabetes. The inflammation, which occurs in the gums, escapes into the bloodstream and upsets the body’s defence system, which in turn affects blood sugar control. In other words, gum disease and diabetes are linked in both directions.

The good news is that diabetic patients do benefit from gum treatment and good gum treatment can actually help improve blood sugar levels.

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