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What can I do about receding gums?

25th July 2019

If you are only mildly affected by receding gums, that’s great! Catching it early means that it may just be a case of monitoring it. However, either way, it’s important that the cause of the recession is established and corrected. This may involve modification of your brushing technique or gum disease treatment.

If further treatment is required, the one recommended will depend on the aims of the treatment. The most common treatment is the free gingival graft, which involves taking a small piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth (palate) and using this as a graft to an area that is deficient. This thickens the gums, helps facilitate oral hygiene and helps prevent further recession. This is often used for lower front teeth.

If aesthetics is of a concern then the gum is often moved to cover the recession. This may or may not be combined with a gum graft depending on the thickness of the existing gum. Advances in the application of microsurgical techniques have led to improved success, less post-operative discomfort and reduced healing times.

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