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Polish & Perfect – The Mini

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The Mini Polish & Perfect Regime

Giving your smile the most polished start.

The signature regime for maintaining premier standards of oral care.

Every appointment begins with a bespoke consultation and interactive oral health examination.

The full mouth is gently deep cleaned and disinfected using piezo technology followed with advanced polishing Airflow treatment – the superior method for preventing and removing bacteria and stains that a standard traditional scaling and polishing fail to remove.

Causing no sensitivity or discomfort, and specifically designed for a junior smile at every stage, this system uses a combination of flavoured fine powder particles with compressed air and warm water for maximum comfort. Our highly trained hygienists are skilled at treating all ages.

Proteins in the teeth are nourished – providing healthy clean results that are immediate, leaving with cleaner, whiter, brighter teeth, fresh breath and a healthy mouth that naturally supports the maintenance of overall health and immunity.

*Suitable for vegans


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