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Crown Lengthening / Gum Lift

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Occasionally there is not enough tooth surface above the gum line to support a crown; this is when crown lengthening is necessary.

Crown lengthening removes gum and bone tissues, exposing more of the tooth to allow room for the new crown. Crown lengthening is sometimes also a cosmetic procedure option for patients with a “gummy smile,” which means you have too much gum tissue around your teeth.

What is the crown lengthening treatment process?

Your treatment plan will be discussed during your initial consultation with your dentist. The treatment length depends on how many teeth are affected and the amount of gum and bone around your teeth.

During the next appointment, a local anaesthetic is applied to the area. Your dentist will then cut into the gum tissue to expose the tooth roots and bone tissue. If it is enough only to remove some of the gum tissue to expose more of the tooth, the treatment will be finished by stitching up the incision. If bone is also removed, the process will take a bit longer since the exposed tooth and bone will need to be shaved down to the desired thickness.

How long does a crown lengthening take to heal?

It may take three months to heal completely. Dr Wadia will create a personalised aftercare plan specifically for your case.

To facilitate the healing process, there are few things you should keep in mind the days immediately following your procedure: avoid strenuous activities and stick to soft foods that will not irritate the fresh wound.

You cannot brush the teeth immediately but Dr Wadia will provide you with a care package to keep the area clean.

If you believe that you could benefit from a crown lengthening treatment, schedule your initial consultation by calling us on 020 7112 9036 or for more information please click here.

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