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Picking Your Periodontist


Look for the 5 Cs when picking your periodontist.


    1. Communication: It’s important your periodontist is in close communication with your dentist. They will need to work as a team to manage your periodontal condition and ensure long-term care. Dr Wadia has a good relationship with all her referrers and always keeps them up-to-date.
    2. Contactable: It’s important to pick someone who is easily contactable. Dr Wadia speaks with her patients directly and is available to call at anytime.
    3. Credentials: Ensure your periodontist has the required credentials. Dr Wadia is a registered periodontal specialist.
    4. Caring: This is especially important for nervous patients. Dr Wadia is well-known for her calming nature and ability to put nervous patients at ease.
    5. Comprehensive care: Ensure the periodontist is working with a team to ensure your care is comprehensive. Dr Wadia works alongside hygienists and has an after-care team to ensure the condition doesn’t reoccur once treated.